Building a DSLR slider

This is not so much a tutorial as it is a quick run through with pictures of general principles of how I built my DSLR slider or pocket dolly.

My to see footage of and from my slider visit my vimeo page.

The track itself consists of two 1m lengths of 20mmx20mmx1mm aluminium square rod. This track is attached to 3 hollow aluminium struts, using short strips of aluminium L by drilling and riveting.


A pilot hole was drilled at each end of one track and a small self tapping screw screwed in to stop the dolly cart falling of each end.



A hole was drilled each end of the two end struts to accommodate small bolts to act as feet adjustable when using the track on the ground.

The dolly cart itself is two lengths of aluminium L, with 4 skateboard bearings attached to each with M8 bolts, nuts and washers.


The 2 Ls are then attached together with lengths of threaded rod and more bolts.

A small sheet of ply wood is cable tied onto these threaded rods and the head of an old tripod was then screwed onto this wood.