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a little blog about my work and play in the fields of media, music and mission.

Video - more fun in The Philippines

After lots of research, planning and writing. The day finally came to fly to The Philippines to train 6 OMF workers about making great videos.

The course was set to cover theory about the 3 stages of video production, pre-production, production and post-production. We would be looking at shooting scripts, shot framing, lighting, interview techniques, DSLR video, time-lapse, sound, editing basics and much more. However there was more to the course than theory, we also aimed to plan, shoot and edit a video covering some aspect of the impact of super typhoon Haiyan which hit The Philippines in November.

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My first give away: 2 Curves Presets

Inspired by the generosity of creatives who constantly give stuff away on their blogs I thought I would join in. They are very simple curves adjustments that I use to give a retro warm feel and a lomo/cross processed look to images. I tend to use them as adjustment layers so blend modes and strength of the look are controllable. Anyway take and enjoy, simply add them to the presets folder in Photoshop, you may then need to load them in.

Original Image (slightly cheesy shot of me enjoying a Sling in Singapore!)

Retro Warm curve added

Cross Processed curve added

Download the curves

Some designs based on Bible verses, I am hoping to get these printed and to sell them, I will also make screen versions, phone and tablet and desktop wallpapers to give away. New website coming soon!

Photo Restoration

I have always loved this photo of the Orwell bridge, my Mum and Dad worked on the construction of this bridge (my Dad as a civil engineer, my mum keeping people fed!) The photo, taken by a friend of my Dad, allows me a glimpse into the years just before I was born and is also a great portrait of architecture.

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1 Timothy 4 v8
Working on some typographic verses, hoping to make them available as prints soon.

1 Timothy 4 v8

Working on some typographic verses, hoping to make them available as prints soon.

Adventure into chalkboard art

We had a stratergy meeting the other day, one discussion revolved around how do we communicate to the rest of the office what we get up to in Comms. We decide that a Comms Dept. menu might look cool outside our room.

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Wordpress Categories across multisite network

After a long fight we found a solution to share categories across all the sites of a wordpress multisite install. Not just the same names and slugs but the same category_id. We used MU Central Taxonomies.

This plugin is a must have if you want to share content across a multisite with a plugin like ThreeWp Broadcast and want to have consistent categories. I will write more about what this does and what it over comes soon!

Task Unfinished

Well here it is, it’s been a while coming, I probably started thinking about this project about a year ago. I really wanted to work with OMF to create a video that is a little different from what we have traditionally produced. Take a broader, more open, more ambiguous look at a video that talks about mission and mission involvement.

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More from Magic Bullet Denoiser II

My project continues and so does my venture into the plugin offerings of Red Giant and their Magic Bullet suite. I have continued to use their Denoiser II. As with any noise reduction software, stills or video, there is some softening of the image, this is not ideal as DSLR footage with all it’s joyful line skipping is not always as sharp as might be liked in the first place.

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Magic Bullet DeNoiser

Day 2 in the edit of my newest piece for OMF. Started getting to some of the night shots, whilst the low light capability of the Canon 550D is pretty good footage does start getting noise once you pass 640 ISO. I purchased Magic Bullet Looks and Denoiser just before shooting this project so this is my chance to test them both, so far so good.

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